What the papers say about "Remembered Gardens"

"Displayed beautifully throughout the book are more than 200 photographs of some of Australia's best gardens, as well as others in England that are historically linked to the featured women. The author obviously research her subjects meticulously, but her learning is worn lightly and the reader's senses are never dulled by dreary repetition of facts."
The Courier Mail

"....this is a joyful commemoration of the role of women in our rich garden heritage. Treat yourself or a friend."
The Weekend Australian

"... a rich and beautiful book on the country gardens of eight women for whom the vision of an Australian landscape was a driving force."
Vogue Living

"Subtexts developed throughout the book are just as interesting as the central discussion: Holly Kerr Forsyth looks at the garden as a repository of meaning."
Reflections, The National Trust Quarterly

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