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Through her photographs HOLLY KERR FORSYTH seeks to engage her audience in the landscapes she loves, and in the majestic forms that exist in the natural world; spaces often untouched by the human hand. At the same time her work salutes the artful creations of garden-makers throughout the centuries. Her strictly-limited edition, and copyrighted, photographs, pigment printed to museum, archival standard, are face-mounted between acrylic glass and aluminium, adding to the luminescent quality of the images: the images seem three dimensional, and seem to float from the wall. Alternatively, they can be supplied without framing, but still pigment printed to world-class standard. A garden and environment writer, historian and photographer, Kerr Forsyth also lectures on garden, architecture and art history.

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Hatfield House

Hatfield House1 Hatfield House2 Hatfield House3 Hatfield House4 Hatfield parterre and topiary cropped_fnl Hatfield-House1small
Hatfield house detailed description and link to TOURS page

Imperial Villa's - Kyoto

10Sento gosho2 10bSento goshobest 12Imperial Palace bridge2 1Katsura rikyu 2Shokintei Teahouse at Katsura3 3nb_bridge at Katsura 4katsura rikyu tea house 5Katsura rikyu 6bGold Pavilion2 8shugakuin borrowedlndscape 9ashugakuinlantern 9bridge shugakuin 9cUmbrella pine 9dshugakuin boat kinkaku-ji
The imperial villa's of Kyoto Japan

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