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Through her photographs HOLLY KERR FORSYTH seeks to engage her audience in the landscapes she loves, and in the majestic forms that exist in the natural world; spaces often untouched by the human hand. At the same time her work salutes the artful creations of garden-makers throughout the centuries. Her strictly-limited edition, and copyrighted, photographs, pigment printed to museum, archival standard, are face-mounted between acrylic glass and aluminium, adding to the luminescent quality of the images: the images seem three dimensional, and seem to float from the wall. Alternatively, they can be supplied without framing, but still pigment printed to world-class standard. A garden and environment writer, historian and photographer, Kerr Forsyth also lectures on garden, architecture and art history.


Her first public exhibition of photographs was held at Maunsell Wickes Gallery in Paddington, Sydney from October 1st to 15th 2011. The exhibition, arranged within two themes - A Sense of Place and Still Life - included 23 works. The images are printed in two sizes, each in an Edition of just seven + one AP: 60cm x 40 cm., each priced at $1750.00 and 60cm x 90 cm, each priced at $950.00. Among them are:

CUSHION PLANT is photographed in the unique botanical environment of un-trod sub-alpine meadows, high in Tasmania's Great Western Tiers.


Throughout January, on the high plains that wrap the glacial COOTAPATAMBA LAKE, Mount Kosciuszko, billy buttons, paper daisies and silver snow daisies bloom. The Snowy Mountains are beautiful at any time of the year, but it is in summer that the wildflower meadows are at their most spectacular. Then, sub-alpine and alpine species flower, to roll out as shimmering carpets in delicate colours, from which glowering granite peaks erupt.


JUGIONG FROM THE HUME. Evening light illuminates a country village.

In a glacial valley that leads to MOUNT WILHELM, part of the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea, forests of Cyathea atrox flourish. Just a few metres higher, where snow sometimes falls, two species of tree fern have not yet been identified by botanists.

In the HUMBLE ADMINISTRATOR'S GARDEN, in Suzhou, in southern China, rockwork reflects the country's soaring, mist covered mountain peaks that have long inspired artists, writers, thinkers and scholars.


The reds, pinks and oranges of the inflorescences of the Hanging Parrot heliconia (HELICONIA ROSTRATA) reflect the vibrant colours of the tropics. The rich greens of verdant tropical vegetation are the perfect foil for the hot colours of the blooms.


SUMMER EUCALYPTS: The Summer Series of grafted, low growing eucalypts flower in exciting pinks, reds and oranges during the warmest months of the year.


LILACS AND WISTERIAS is a simple arrangement of purple tones.

White marble and dawn light illuminate MOTH ORCHIDS, Phalaeonopsis spp.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Holly Kerr Forsyth, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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