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Book Release - First Non-Fiction

THE RELUCTANT SPY by Holly Kerr Forsyth

Tall, tanned and blonde, Rachel Edmistone, forty-something mother of three, lives in sparkling, harbourside Sydney and is married to the perfect man – Adrian, who has the looks to match his piles of cash.

Or so Rachel thinks.

Rachel is the powerhouse behind the star-studded Butterfly Ball, a fundraiser for causes in Sydney and Sri Lanka. She also runs a busy PR company.

Then tragedy strikes, when Adrian is killed in a freak accident – leaving her in overwhelming grief and in debt.

But when the stars align for a fresh start in Sri Lanka, will Rachel have the courage to take a chance on herself and discover what riches really mean?

This novella explores a slice of life more often seen on the pages of glossy magazines – and the cost of that life in reality. THE RELUCTANT SPY is a sumptuous trip from Sydney to Sri Lanka – one that shows no paradise is ever quite what it seems.

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Holly Kerr Forsyth is the author of 11 books of non-fiction; she is an historian, lecturer and journalist, as well as a professional photographer. Her books include Country Gardens, Country Hospitality, a celebration of the spirit and strength of Australian country people: their history, their gardens and of country hospitality. Her sixth book Remembered Gardens: eight women and their vision of an Australian Landscape is a social history as well as a history of gendered landscape in Australia. Her books have won two Horticultural Media Awards. Holly has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland, is a graduate of the Ryde College of Horticulture, Sydney, and has a PhD in History from the University of New South Wales.

Available from all good bookstores, or online at

RRP: $29.99 For further information: 0411 88 77 48 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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